Dr. Debendra Kumar Biswal

Dr. Debendra Kumar Biswal

Assistant Professor

Association with Department : 19/06/2013 to 02/05/2022

Ph.D. in Anthropology from University of Delhi

M.Phil. in Social Medicine and Community Health from Jawaharlal Nehru University

M.Sc. in Anthropology / Bachelor of Law (LL.B.)

UGC-NET (with JRF) - Anthropology

E-mail : debendra.biswal@cuj.ac.in | Mobile : +91-9973579387

Interest Areas :

Legal Anthropology, Tribal Unrest, Customary Law, Human Rights, Tribal Medical Anthropology, Environment and Health

Courses Taught :

Customary Law and Tribal Justice, Public Policy, Human Rights and Tribal People in India, Socio-Legal Research Methodology

Administrative Responsibilities :

  • Member, SC/ST Welfare Cell (July 2015 to till date)

  • Member, Placement Cell (December 2015 to till date)

  • Member, Sports Committee (December 2016 to till date)

Doctoral Research Guidance (Ph.D. Students) :

  1. Manoj Kumar

  2. Ram Chandra Oraon

  3. Shalini Saboo - (thesis defended)

  4. Kamendra Ray

Invited Lecture / Seminars / Conference Presentations :

  • International -28

  • National- 42

Publication (Books) :

  • Ecology and Health : A Comparative Study, Palaka Prakashan, New Delhi.

Publication (Book Chapters) :

  1. Ecology, food habits, modern HSS and health behaviour of the Bonda highlanders: A primitive tribe in Orissa. Cultural Ecology of Indian Tribes. pp. 156-181. K.V. Reddy (Ed.). Raj publication: New Delhi ISBN- 81- 86208- 20-8.

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Publication (Journal Articles) :

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